Bingo Bonuses – Strategy To Win Big!
The internet is packed with online bingo sites offering you free money and free bingo bonuses to play on their sites. There are in effect two types of bingo bonuses offers that they tempt you with. No deposit bonuses are bingo bonuses that do not require you to make a deposit to get free money to play on the bingo site, the amount is usually five to ten pounds. Deposit bonuses require you to make a deposit which is usually five to ten pounds to receive free cash of around ten to twenty pounds which is added to your balance. Some sites that offer a no deposit bonus require you to input your credit or debit card details which they use to verify your age. No charge though is made to your card.

There are many sites that list the latest bingo offers and the free money available  with one of the best being Online Bingo Sleuth (use Google to find it). I like this site as it only lists the trusted sites so you can rest assured that if you do win you will receive your winnings. This site also shows screenshots of winners who have won using their free bingo cash offers. If you look though at the winners screenshots on this site you will see that even though they have indeed won the amounts are modest.  All of the people who have used the free cash have in reality made a mistake as they have taken their cash to low buy in games with low jackpot prizes.

Non of these winners gave themselves a chance of winning several thousand pounds simply because the games they played only offered prizes of thirty to a hundred pounds. The big jackpot games normally run Friday to Sundays and have a higher buy in of £5 and usually they have a super jackpot game at least once a month. These games have jackpots of tens of thousands of pounds and these are the games you should be targeting with your free bonus cash.

So to give yourself a chance of a big pay day, browse through a site such as Online Bingo Sleuth, sign up for the free cash offers but then wait for the games that offer the big payouts. Three games you should look out for are firstly Foxy Bingo’s £25,000 which takes place on the last Friday of each month, Wink  Bingo have a £10,000 game that takes place on the 10th of every month and 888 Ladies have a £8,888 game which again takes place on the last Friday of every month. Also look out for Mecca and Gala big Jackpot weekend games. The games I have listed have a buy in of only £1 pound so you could play these monthly games many times for free using your free cash. Mecca and Gala have jackpot games with buy ins of £5 and these offer even bigger jackpots.
Remember also that bingo sites just do not just offer the standard bingo type games. All online bingo sites offer slots and instant win games. Many of the slot jackpots do have much bigger payouts than standard off-peak bingo games. A great strategy would be to use 50% of your free money to play the big jackpot games as discussed earlier and use the other 50% to play slot games with decent jackpots. If you get lucky and have a win playing slots use this money to play more big jackpot games.

Two sites that offer free money bingo bonuses are Wink and Bet365 and these have a great selection of other types of bingo games including slots.

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So if you have a weekend with nothing to do remember there is free cash waiting for you which you could use to change your life and it will not even cost you a penny!

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