today Gala Bingo released a survey stating that Cheryl Cole is the face of lady luck. Gala Bingo asked the nation, ‘if luck were a lady, what would she look like?’ researchers found that it was indeed Geordie songstress Cheryl Cole with This Morning presenter, Holly Willoughby, coming in a very close second.

Susan Boyle came in third with strictly come dancing’s Alesha Dixon and the X Factor’s Stacey Soloman coming in fourth and fifth respectively.

The top ten lady luck’s came in as follows:

1 Cheryl Cole
2 Holly Willoughby
3 Susan Boyle
4 Alesha Dixon
5 Stacey Solomon
6 Coleen Nolan
7 Anne Widdecome
8 Katie Price
9 Kim Woodburn
10 Jane Danson (Leanne Battersby in Coronation Street)

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Strip Bingo At Mecca Bingo!


Is this why women love bingo so much? Things sure have changed at Mecca bingo!


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Virgin Bingo – Try your luck in The Wishing Well!

Every deposit you make gives you the right to make a wish in The Wishing Well. It couldn’t be easier – email with your wishes when you make a deposit and we’ll try and make them come true!

So if your wish is that you could take your kids away for a well-earned holiday.or go and see relatives in America or Australia, why not make it and see? Maybe your wish is to learn to drive a bus or speed boat, who knows! Some wishes can come true.

We will make a draw every month and announcing the winner right here so why not send us a wish now to Bingo Computer Wish Comes True!!

nicktwo dropped a wish into the Virgin Bingo Wishing Well and asked for a state-of the-art laptop for her family. Her wish came true and she just connected to the internet in time for Christmas!
When you telephoned me to tell me the news I could not believe it. I had just been away for two days and made a wish before I went, I wished for a laptop. When I got back you telephoned me and told me I was getting my wish… Unbelievable!!!!

I don’t normally bother to wish, but I just really wanted a laptop so I thought what can I lose with The Wishing Well? So I want to tell all players on Virgin Bingo to make a wish because it worked for me and I have the laptop now I will chat to you all soon. By the way I can play bingo in bed now ha! ha! Thankyou Virgin Bingo team.

DRAGONGRL Enjoys a Dip in the Wishing Well

Nothing brings us more pleasure than making our players’ wishes come true. DRAGONGRL has gone through difficult times lately so we didn’t hesitate to make her wish come true when she was in need of a new laptop computer.

I am just emailing to say a HUGE Thank You to Virgin Bingo for making my Wishing Well wish come true!

I couldn’t believe it when I got the phone call to say my wish was being granted. I made the wish for a laptop not for myself but for my sister Sassy26 for 2 reasons. My husband Dave died very tragically and suddenly last September and without Emma’s constant support and help I could not have got through the last few months and she has been coming round to me to stay a couple of nights a week ever since he died.

Well her computer died a couple of weeks ago and ever since she has been coming round to me and throwing me off my computer so she could play bingo at Virgin Bingo which meant that I couldn’t. This will mean I get my computer back and we can both play even if she is staying with me.

So once again Thank You to everyone at Virgin Bingo you really do make dreams come true!

10 Free Bingo Cards For Virgin Bingo

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ITV’s Bingo Night Live Cancelled

At the weekend, the 5 month old ITV Bingo Night Live ended with the last standing £25,000 jackpot being given away to the winner of the final house game. The Bingo Night Live website says this was the end of the series, which to me implies the show is coming back. However, there’s news from various sources online that the show is gone for good, and it seems it was cancelled ahead of its time. One forum speaks of redundancies for the crew, so it definitely looks like it was cut short than it was expected to run for. I’ve heard that emails were also sent out, but as a player I never received one.

Still, it was a good run, and the show managed to do a lot to raise the profile of Bingo all the time it was running. That said, from the very start I questioned it’s effectiveness as a vehicle for attracting players to the ITV’s online Bingo site. ITV Bingo has been very underwhelming every time I’ve logged in (through its torturous multiple windows) with their seldom being more than 50 players in a game.

In a way I think it echoes my experiences of online Bingo as a whole. Where people offer free games to sign-up players, they tend to not attract regular cash players who are long term fans of the game. The free aspect of the show was always going to be appealing, but unfortunately it was appealing to the wrong sort of players. We’re yet to see a mainstream pay to play TV Bingo, and for me, that would be the way forward.

I never really followed the show myself as I don’t watch TV very much, and not at that time of the night. However, it was regularly pulling in around 200,000 viewers a night which is pretty impressive. It’s a shame they never really gave it more thought though – the show suffered on a few points. As an acquisition tool it was too expensive, as entertainment it was lacking and any mass audience appeal it could have had was diminished by its late time slot. There’s still scope to do something with the game as a TV format that’s exciting, financially lucrative and entertaining, but it seems after a lot of hype, Bingo Night Live was not to reach those ideals.

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Mirror Bingo newcomer, Lorraine Taylor, couldn’t believe her ears when she won a £40 jackpot… her pet parrot Oscar called ‘bingo’!

“I knew he could say hello and he shrieks out the words to Kylie Minogue songs, but it wasn’t until my husband and I both had wins on the very same game that we realised Oscar had been watching from his perch and he squawked ‘bingo’ really loud, says 32-year-old florist, Lorraine, alias Ispwich55.

Kitchen fitter hubby, Christopher, 36, alias Ipswich666, was playing on his computer in the living room alongside Lorraine on her computer when he called ‘bingo’ on the first line, they both won the second line� and then she got a full house.

“Christopher gets really excited when he wins, so Oscar must have cottoned on and learnt the word ‘bingo’. The kids are teaching him their favourite bingo calls now.”

Oscar is a six-year-old white Bare-eyed Cockatoo.

The bingo mad family love playing on line because with four children at home, they don�t get out much.

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A COUPLE who love bingo are today celebrating their engagement to each other – thanks to The Sun.

Lovestruck pair Kerry Dunston and Ben Austin met after playing our online version of Sun Bingo.

And Kerry even used our website’s chatroom to propose to Ben on Valentine’s Day as they sat together playing our web game.

Kerry, 32, from Derbyshire, said: My number certainly came up when I met Ben.

With it being a leap year I thought I would make it memorable and asked the Sun Bingo team to help me.

Ben was sitting next to me when the message popped up in the chatroom. He laughed at first and then his chin hit the floor before he said ‘yes’.


Kerry and Ben, 32, from Staffordshire, met face to face for the first time last autumn after his sister-in-law, another Sun Bingo player, introduced them.

A beaming Kerry said: When we met for the first time, I just knew he was the one.

Finding love was not Kerry’s first stroke of luck with Sun Bingo as she estimates she has won up to 20,000 on the award-winning website since she first logged on in March 2006.

Her wins also included two jackpot wins of 2,500 each.

She added: I would not swap another jackpot for Ben although it would help pay for the engagement ring.

Sun Bingo customer service manager Shontel Reed said: Kerry has been playing since the online game first launched. We were more than happy to help her when she approached us.�

Win big money and possible true love at the

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