The Money Drop – Channel 4 Game Show

The Million Pound Drop is Channel 4’s great new game show which many believe is going to be a big hit. This new game show is aired for the first time on UK TV on Monday 24th May. The Million Pound Drop is a tense game which breaks the format of other game shows as contestants are given your total prize money at the very start. Contestants are then presented with a number of trapdoors and have to decide which they will place their prize money on. As you may have guessed their prize money is not as safe as the contestants may have wished. At the completion of each round the trapdoors open so contestants only keep whatever is placed on the trapdoor that remains closed. The rest of the prize money of course falls victim to The Million Pound Drop.

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A good strategy when playing The Money Drop is to divide your prize amongst different trap doors as this will increase your odds increase of a payout. Unless you are very lucky placing your entire prize fund on one trap door is not optimum play. Also remember the greater the number of rounds and doors you play, the larger the potential prize money.

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