Rumours suggest that the UK government is looking to review the smoking ban which analyst state is costing the UK economy up to £6 billion pounds each year. The smoking ban forbids any individual smoking in any enclosed place in the United Kingdom Since the ban was introduced in 2007, the UK pub and bingo industries has been hit extremely hard. Over 130 bingo halls have closed plus over 5365 pubs have closed with a total loss of over 24,000 jobs.

At the time the smoking ban was introduced in October 2005, MPs were told that a review would take place 3 years after the smoking ban came into effect.

“We will monitor the impact from day one, and we will have a full review at the end of three years,”

The health secretary, Patricia Hewitt, told MPs at the parliamentary select committee on health.
Over the last 3 years the pub industry has been reduced by an estimated 10%. The smoking ban clearly can’t be blamed for the entire decline as the economic slowdown must also have taken its effect on the industry. The bingo industry has hit harder than any other sector. Over 20% of UK bingo halls have closed since 2007. Many solely blame the decline on the smoking ban although there are clearly other major factors. Online bingo has clearly hit the live bingo scene hard. Playing bingo online is far cheaper than playing live as players have no travel or beverage costs. Players can also play for bigger jackpots online plus play for pennies rather than pounds at a live bingo hall. Last year’s new tax on bingo halls is also another major why the live bingo industry is struggling.

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